Friday, March 30, 2012

Tolkien and Lewis: A Friendship That Changed My Life

A Blessed Friendship
Jesus healed ten lepers at once but only one came back to thank Him (Luke 17:11-19). That thankful fellow has been an inspiration to me since I first read about him. Before launching into C.S. Lewis's witty, wise, and wonderful preface to Mere Christianity, I want to demonstrate my thanks for a great friendship that literally changed my lifeeven though I was not one of the friends involved. The story of how J.R.R. Tolkien helped lead C.S. Lewis to Christ is so important, I have volunteered to lecture on the subject since 2004 to high-school students at my children's school so they graduate knowing more than the mere paragraph devoted to those literary giants in their textbook. Here is an illustrated version of that lecture as a blog post: 

I am thrilled that a movie may be made on this subject (subject to funding and other issues; Lord willing, it will be made since this is a GREAT story). Here is a trailer to give you an idea of what it will probably be like:
The Lion Awakes teaser

(2 minutes, 30 seconds)

What a debt I owe to Tolkien for befriending LewisI plan to personally thank him in heaven!  That friendship made Mere Christianity, The Lord of the Rings, and a host of other spiritually enriching books available to help people fall in love with the Lord Jesus Christ and know and serve Him better.  My main strength as a writer is in editing so be looking for succinct excerpts of treasure troves such as those that I hope will whet your appetite for more.

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