Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What Will Block a Thousand Temptations?

Danny Bond | The BeatitudesMatthew 5:5 

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SUN 03/04/2012
Sunday Service | 57 min

I was listening today to this message from a beloved former pastor, and was struck by a series of quotes he gave that I just had to make note of. Here they are, in what constitutes my shortest blog posting right after my longest:

  • "Absolute resignation to the divine will WILL block a thousand temptations."(John Fletcher)
  • "The best way to outwit the devil is to be silent under the hand of God."(Thomas Brooks)
  • "Learn the blessedness of the unoffended in the face of the [horrifically] unexplainable."(Amy Carmichael)
  • "How much is lost by a word? Be still, keep quiet. If they smite you on the one cheek, turn the other also. Never mind your reputation: it's in God's hands. You will only mar things by trying to retain it. Are you misunderstood? Leave it to Him. You are in His care. Are you wronged? It will be all right; just be meek, lowly, and gentle. Let the Lord keep you in perfect peace, stay your mind on Him, and be quiet and rest in Him. Speak not a word of argument, debate, or controversy to defend yourself. Mind your own business with God and keep still!"(F.B. Meyer)

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